Top 5 Tips to be a Top-Notch Bridesmaid

We have seen SO many scenarios working in weddings for almost two decades. From some of the sweetest moments to some of the most jaw-dropping, scandalous stories that unfolded right before our eyes… we’ve seen it all!


Here’s a word of advice for your bride tribe and your crew:


Top 5 Tips to be a Top-Notch Bridesmaid
1 – Be honest if you can’t afford it. Let’s face it! Being in a wedding costs money! It’s much better to respectively decline the Bridesmaid invitation rather than ghosting your bride or not being able to participate in all of the festivities! Save her the headache. Your bride loves you- she’ll understand!

2 – Be in communication with your bride and the rest of the crew… give feedback in the group chats… be pleasant and be present.
hian hair” doesn’t just happen… be realistic about your look and be open to suggestion from your artist.

3 – Be On-Point! Make sure you have your dressed tailored if needed, your shoes, ask about the bride’s preference for hair styles, colors for makeup and nails. Make sure you bring any undergarments you’ll need… and for goodness sakes, try the Bridesmaid dress on before the actual wedding day!

4 – On the BIG day…. be on time. Ask what you can do to help… be uplifting… share fun stories of you and the bride’s relationship. Make it a memorable day for all the right reasons! We strongly advise not mentioning the “are you nervous” question… (cue anxiety)… maybe substitute the question with “how are you feeling?” So many times, especially when it comes down to the final hours of the dressing time, brides are asked this repeatedly and it does nothing but harm. So beware 

5 – Take the load off of the bride! Ask her to delegate and oversee so she can enjoy her day! If any troubles arise, ask the bride prior to the day how she’d like it to be handled. Some want to know… some really don’t and they just want it fixed. But make sure you have the conversation prior to the day so you know how to handle it on the day of, if needed!!

The main thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!! You’re there for your girl!!! Delete the drama, and have a day to remember!


Bonus Tip: Come Prepared! Ask your bride about how to prep for your services! Click here to make sure you have what you need!

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