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There are so many options when it comes to skin care! What do you use? When do you use it? Why should I use it? Does it really work? – ALL are questions that we hear…and ALL are questions that we’ve asked for ourselves!

Here’s what you need to know:

Exquisite Reflections Skincare Made Easy
1 – Skincare is a MUST! When discussing makeup, you must know that your makeup application is only going to be a good as the skin you put it on! There are many issues with makeup that can be easily avoided by just having a skincare routine that is effective and is tailored to your specific skincare needs…. and all skin and hair is different, so it is very unlikely that you will have the same routine and products that your bestie has. Makes sense, right?

2 – Beauty begins from the inside…of course we know this “figuratively”, but right now we’re talking realistically. It all begins with what’s going on inside of you! The way your body functions, the nutrition (your building blocks) you have to rebuild your house as the elements tear it down. Are you rebuilding with straw or brick? Everything that happens on the inside will come out and show up on the outside. It’s so important to listen to what your body is telling you: do you have inflammation (acne, Rosacea, texture issues)? Hyperpigmentation, decrease in collagen? The long term solution begins on the inside.

3 – What do I use and when do I use it? This is a question that majority of our brides and their bridal parties ask us… at almost every wedding that we do!

There are 5 BASIC STEPS that everyone should be doing, and here they are:

  • Take off your makeup!!! Yes, BEFORE you cleanse!
  • Cleanse your skin! (Exfoliate prior to this step a few times per week)
  • Tone- get the skin ready to accept what you’re about to put on it by adjusting the pH!
  • Treat! This is where you fix the problem topically.
  • Moisturize! Lock in your treatments! Pro Tip: do NOT put moisturizer on or around your eyes… moisturizers are designed to make the skin supple, we don’t need puffy eyes! First put down your eye cream, THEN put down your moisturizer!

Here are our recommendations for some of the most dynamic and effective products:

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