Skin Care – How much do I use?

When I’m doing someone’s makeup, I ask, “So what do you do for skincare?” And sooo many times I’m met with this expression ???? and the most common answer, which is “uhhh… I shower.”

Lol ????????‍♀️…. to which I always smile and say… “well, that’s a start!” ???? ????

Of course there’s no judgement, but what it all dwindles down to is that no one ever taught them what to use, why to use it and how to use it!

So, we start the education- and suggestions based on THEIR needs, which are based on their goal of looking their best for their day… their honeymoon… the rest of their life. It’s a game changer!

This is a sweet ???? little tool that we use to determine how much of their product should be used! Enjoy!! ???? ????