How to Ensure Your Hair isn’t a FLOP for the Wedding

We all have a vision for our perfect looks for the wedding: the hair, the makeup, the nails, the wedding dress, the veil, all the detail and accessories that will make your wedding just that- your’s!

But how do we make sure that the look we fall in love with ACTUALLY comes out the way we want it to… and once we achieve it- what’s going to make it last?

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure your wedding day hair is FAB and not a FLOP!

How to Ensure Your Hair isn’t a FLOP for the Wedding
1 – Find a professional! Professional Hair Artists are a MUST! Not that your best friend’s sister who just graduated cosmetology school doesn’t have a beautiful passion for hair…. but this is YOUR wedding day… not the day to risk a wedding hair fail… and NOT worth the risk of hurt feelings and awkwardness if something goes awry.

2 – do a trial! Let’s face it, not all hair is created equal…. and neither are all hair and makeup artists. It’s best to take some time and set up your trial to make sure you’re happy and also have the opportunities to tweak things BEFORE your big day! Find the Artist that will help you achieve your look and give you the right suggestions to get to where you want to be! Remember, “Kardashian hair” doesn’t just happen… be realistic about your look and be open to suggestion from your artist.

3 – the secret weapon: product! Listen to what your artist suggests about prepping your hair. They want your style to last even longer than you do!! And we guarantee that it won’t be the 1992- “come with your hair dirty” suggestion… if they do- find another artist. They do this for a living, and in order for your hairstyle to not fall, frizz or flop… listen and take their prep suggestions.

Here’s one of the best kept secrets that will give you volume, cut the frizz and keep the hold no matter how intense the humidity level is that day… it also adds a beautiful shine when we activate it, so make sure you and your crew don’t skip out on this step!

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