Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston, TX!!

TOP 3 reasons you should make the Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston, Tx!!



Other than it being one of the largest wedding planning events in America, there are a few reasons we think it’s a MUST!


1st – It’s a one-stop shop! You’ll have access to over 400 top wedding industry professionals who have experience and longevity in their business!! Not that Uncle Joe’s wedding photography skills aren’t adequate, but why not hire the professional to ensure your day runs seamlessly? You’ll meet some of the best wedding vendors in Houston! The face to face interaction will give you the opportunity to pick the wedding vendors you vibe with- which is a huge deal in regards to how you experience your wedding day!

2nd – The SHOW SPECIALS!! There are so many deals and giveaways that are for show attendees only… so, if you’re wanting to catch some awesome budget savers, don’t miss out!

3rd – The experience!! Grab your Bride Tribe and slay the day!! There is amazing energy, fun and fashion, drinks and dancing! You don’t want to miss out!! This is a chance to make some amazing memories with your crew and give you some creative ideas while planning your day!


  • Bring comfy shoes, create a wedding email address, create labels with your contact info, wedding date and venue(if you have one).
  • Bring 2 bags: 1 for literature from vendors you NEED and 1 for everything else!
  • Designate 1 of your crew to enter in drawings!! Take plenty of selfies!!!
  • Cherish every moment in the process! After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, make it count!!

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Come check out our booth for your hair and makeup!

We offer hair and makeup trials, we travel to you on your day and we have an amazing team that can handle small to large bridal parties! We’ll see you at Bridal Extravaganza!!